What Was Done For You

Posted on April 26, 2017 by David Robinson

According to the Roman Catholic Church, Jesus died for your sins (another word for “sins” is “debts”) 2000 years ago and he purchased the entire Earth and all that exists on Earth with his body and his blood.

This is the basis of the Roman Catholic Church’s establishment of the Unum Sanctum Trust dba E Pluribus Unum, and their claim to be the Trustees of the whole planet; air, land, and sea.

According to them, Jesus paid for absolutely everything and everyone, from the fish in the sea to the stars in the sky, and as his appointed (through Peter) Stewards, they, the Pope and the priests, are responsible for caring for, monitoring, and husbanding everything until his return.

That’s their entire schtick.

So, if Jesus paid all the debts why are we still paying them?

You can have it one way or the other, not both at the same time.

Either He did or He didn’t.

Either He did, and there is basis for the Roman Catholic Church’s claim to own everything in His name, or He didn’t, in which case it makes sense that we are still being abused and laboring like pack dogs in the Arctic.

So, realizing this, I placed the infinite Credit owed to Jesus on the books of the Vatican Chancery Court, in accordance with His Will, firmly recorded throughout the New Testament, and I redeemed as Jesus’ bondservant the Kingdom of God; that is, the “Kingdom of Gold, Order, and Dominion” and all the Names and NAMES which are debt ACCOUNTS associated with it, in the name of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And in keeping with Scripture, I bound Satan for a period of one thousand years with the Payment Bond provided to Cardinal Mamberti.

January 6, 2017, to January 6, 3017.

Satan has been bonded, that is, “bound” for 1,000 years, precisely as Scripture requires.

It’s pay up or shut up time for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, and especially for the pagan office of the Roman Pontiff which FRANCISCUS occupies, and which has benefited itself from the Death for Profit insurance fraud schemes we have described.

Look closely at the Payment Bond posted at the Vatican Court, Supreme Tribunal  here.  The debts of all Names and NAMES are redeemed (strawman redemption). Paid off. Not just in the past, but for the next thousand years.

After all, if Jesus paid for all debts, and that’s the reason that the Roman Catholic Church claims to own everything, then they need to be paying for everything and everyone, too.

This is both “Checkmate” and “Endgame” for the world that men have created. Either do what is right and bring an end to the Satanic “Death for Profit” system or be revealed as a complete fraud.

Anna von Reitz


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